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What Are the Benefits of Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

10551039_696030537143153_8298515741564279429_nDental implants can often be an excellent solution for replacing missing and/or severely damaged teeth. Characterized by a natural look and enhanced security, this restorative dental option can also prove to be a superior, more desirable alternative to dentures for qualified candidates. At Innovative Dental of Springfield, our highly trained and experienced dentists, Dr. Grant Olson and Dr. Megan Pinkerton, perform guided dental implant surgery during which they employ the state-of-the-art Galileos™ 3D Imaging System.

Using this advanced imaging system, Dr. Olson and Dr. Megan can view bone structure, teeth, and gums with the utmost precision in order to surgically guide the placement of implants with improved accuracy. As a result, they are able to produce more predictable results while also reducing the risk of any complications that may occur during or after the procedure. Additionally, the long-term benefits of this restoration can be maximized by the more comfortable, natural fit often achieved with surgically guided dental implants, and the typically shortened treatment time may equate to lower overall costs in the end.

Ultimately, guided dental implant surgery can more accurately and effectively help you achieve results that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.
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