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What Are Dentures?

In addition to visible cosmetic concerns, tooth loss can lead to a number of other problems, including difficulties chewing and speaking, gum disease, jawbone decay, and even changes to facial proportions. Dentures are a form of prosthetic designed to replace partial sections or full arches of missing or damaged teeth, helping to prevent these issues from occurring (or worsening) while effectively restoring both the appearance and function of the smile.

At Innovative Dental of Springfield, our team of experienced cosmetic dentists offers multiple denture options, including both removable and implant supported varieties. If you are interested in tooth replacement with dentures, we will work closely with you to select a solution that optimizes both function and aesthetics for a beautiful, healthy, and natural-looking result.

To learn more about dentures, we encourage you to browse through the sections below and/or reach out to our office to book an appointment. We are happy to help you restore your smile!

When Might Dentures Be Needed?

Dentures are typically recommended for patients who:

In cases where only some teeth on an arch are missing or damaged, our dentists may recommend a partial denture. For those who need replacement of most or all teeth, a full arch restoration is generally warranted.

What Are My Denture Options?

Traditional Full Dentures

A traditional full denture is often the optimal solution when all teeth along an upper or lower dental arch need to be replaced. Crafted from high-quality materials, these removable dental appliances consist of a new set of teeth that are mounted on a foundation mimicking the look of natural gum tissue. Traditional full dentures are held in place via oral adhesives, and they require daily removal for cleaning.

Traditional Partial Dentures

Traditional partial dentures—also called removable bridges—are typically recommended for replacing a portion of adjacent teeth on an arch. This restoration is crafted to fit seamlessly between natural teeth on either side, and like traditional full dentures, it is secured with oral adhesives and requires removal for cleaning on a daily basis.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are a revolutionary method of partial or full arch tooth replacement that uses dental implants to anchor a permanent dental prosthetic. In comparison to traditional full and partial dentures, this restoration option offers numerous advantages—including superior comfort and stability, no additional maintenance beyond normal brushing and flossing, and exceptional long-term durability.

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What Can I Expect During the Denture Treatment Process?

The treatment process for traditional dentures typically begins with a comprehensive examination of your mouth, which includes the use of advanced imaging to allow for ultra-precise evaluation of oral health, underlying structures, and more. Based on this information, your dentist can determine if any preliminary procedures are needed—such as tooth extraction or periodontal therapy—which will generally be performed prior to the design and creation of your denture.

After your mouth has been prepped for your full or partial denture, impressions will be taken of your jaw and any remaining teeth. These impressions—along with information on the color and shape of your natural teeth—will then be used to custom-design and fabricate your dental appliance to help ensure an optimal look, fit, and bite alignment. While your final restoration is being made, a temporary full or partial denture can be worn to allow for continued oral functionality and smile aesthetics.

Once your permanent prosthesis is complete, you will come in for a final fitting, and adjustments will be made as needed for a secure, comfortable fit. Thereafter, your dentist will routinely check the fit and functionality of your denture during regularly scheduled dental cleanings to ensure your continued comfort and satisfaction with the result.

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If you have additional questions about dentures, or if you wish to schedule an appointment to find out which tooth replacement option would be best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact Innovative Dental today!