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At Innovative Dental, we look at dentistry differently. Our passion is to provide patients with brighter, healthier smiles through an unmatched level of comfort, care, and efficiency. By investing in the latest technology and training opportunities available our cosmetic dentist Dr. Grant Olson and family dentist Dr. Megan Westrich have positioned themselves as leaders in the field of dentistry and established our practice as a premier center for comprehensive and affordable care. Above all else, we value the relationships we create with those who have entrusted us with their smile, and we look forward to developing a long-lasting friendship with you and your family in order to keep you smiling for life!

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We want you to have the best.

Some people I personally know who are in, or have had, Invisalign didn’t receive the same awesome experience I’ve had. Innovative Dental’s Invisalign provides the best treatments as well as over the top assistance! I have always loved my results here!

Tracey K.
Happy Patient ;)

Our kids absolutely love Dr. Megan, and all their fears of going to the dentist have disappeared. My daughter is now in Phase 1 of her braces and actually looks forward to her appointments. For a parent, it’s priceless to see your kids let go of their fears.

Leslie F.
Happy Patient ;)

Dr. Olson put a lot of time into studying [my son] Alex’s case, as I think his bite was quite unique. Fast forward a year and a half later, and Alex’s teeth are beautiful!! [My daughter] Mallory also has a wonderful smile from Dr. Megan putting on an expander and braces for phase one of her treatment plan.

Karen H.
Happy Patient ;)

I have people that look at me now and ask ‘what’s different about you? You’re smiling, you’re talking!’ It’s because I love my smile, I love myself that much more, I’m able to do what God has intended me to do in my life. Innovative Dental never gave up on me when I gave up on myself.

Michelle R.
Happy Patient ;)

I now have a beautiful smile and feel more comfortable smiling. I was so surprised how fast my teeth were straightened! Thank you so much Innovative Dental!

Moriah G.
Happy Patient ;)

The friendly smiling faces, with attitudes to match. Snacks and juices, smoothies of all types, espresso coffee and k-cups, wow! How much more special can a patient be treated?! I will tell everyone who asks about my smile that I gladly and proudly was a patient at Innovative Dental!

Denise P.
Happy Patient ;)

[The most standout aspect of my experience] by far is how Dr. Grant was able to complete the entire procedure in a day. I remember when I injured myself in football and needed the original bridge, the procedure was very difficult and painful. Not so with Dr. Grant! My smile is much better now!

Cal G.
Happy Patient ;)

Everything about the treatment was so easy. It only took a few hours and you have a beautiful new smile. It is totally worth the investment. You gain confidence and you will be happy you did it!

Vicki G.
Happy Patient ;)

I smile a lot more. I am sure I even appear a lot happier, it wasn’t that I was unhappy, but I didn’t want to smile with my teeth. It was worth it!

Christy B.
Happy Patient ;)

When I look back in pictures I see I wasn’t smiling or grinning like I was proud of my smile. [Invisalign] has been a confidence builder. This has been a real treat to go through this program and end up with something I always wanted.

Linda G.
Happy Patient ;)

My doctor looked at me and said ‘If you don’t change your life, you will be disabled by the time you’re 50,’ and I was 46. I made the changes: I’ve done it all AND I got my teeth back, and that was one of the top things on my list. Now I put in about 100 miles a month. When I’m running they take pictures on the course; before I would before have a dirty look or bow my head down, but now I’m grinning ear to ear!

Noel H.
Happy Patient ;)

I was surprised that the process was so easy; I was surprised how natural they looked, how they feel natural, and everybody comments on how dazzling my smile is – and that’s different!

Miranda E.
Happy Patient ;)

We love the family like atmosphere at Innovative Dental. The staff is professional and friendly! My kids actually love to come to the dentist. It’s a place where we feel a little spoiled! When we were getting ready to walk in today Averee said, “I just love this place!

Krista S.
Happy Patient ;)

I finally decided to get Invisalign just so I could be that confident smiling bride on my wedding day, but in the end I got so much more out of this experience. Before when I smiled, I would have to make a conscious effort to smile a certain way that my upper lip would kind of hide my crooked top teeth. Now, I can smile without having to worry about hiding anything. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to the staff at Innovative Dental. My life has forever changed because of them. Thank you!

Sunny L.
Happy Patient ;)


With CEREC® technology, our doctors can precisely design and fabricate your dental restorations during a single office visit.

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Invisalign® clear braces can help you discreetly straighten your teeth through a series of removable, custom-made aligners.

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Galileos™ 3D

Utilizing Galileos™ 3D imaging, Dr. Olson and Dr. Megan can plan and place your dental implants with an unparalleled degree of accuracy.

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