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Emergency Dental Services

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation where a patient requires urgent attention from a dentist. From sudden pain to a dislodged tooth or crown, a dental emergency can happen at any time and any place, which is why our Springfield dentists offer same-day dental appointments and an after-hours emergency number (417-232-0609).

Our state-of-the-art dental office is equipped with advanced technologies that enable us to provide efficient treatment for a variety of concerns, including emergency root canals and same-day dental crowns. Your oral health and comfort are our top priorities, and our compassionate team is dedicated to helping you feel better as soon as possible.

How Can I Prevent a Dental Emergency?

While some emergencies are unavoidable, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of experiencing dental issues:

How Can I Treat a Dental Concern at Home?

While home care is no substitute for professional treatment, it can provide temporary relief in certain situations. Our dentists have compiled helpful tips for managing discomfort and caring for your teeth in cases where professional care is not immediately available.

Remember, these are short-term solutions. For lasting relief and comprehensive care, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Contact Innovative Dental For Emergency Care

At Innovative Dental, we understand that dental emergencies can be stressful. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing compassionate and prompt care to alleviate your discomfort and safeguard your oral health. Contact us immediately in case of emergencies, and trust us to be your partners in maintaining a healthy smile. If you experience a concern outside of our normal operating hours, call our after-hours number: 417-232-0609.