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SonicFill™ Fillings

Many of us have met someone with an amalgam filling and maybe some of us even have these types of fillings. The amalgam filling is also known as a “silver filling” that is comprised of mercury and other metals. Although this type of filling is effective in repairing a damaged tooth, it is not typically aesthetically appealing and is usually very noticeable. At Innovative Dental, we use the latest dental technology to provide you with cosmetic fillings that look and feel natural.

Why SonicFill?

SonicFill fillings have the same main goal as a standard filling: to prevent the spread of tooth decay or repair a damaged tooth. The main difference is that SonicFill utilizes advancements in dentistry to improve on the “standard” filling. Additionally, this type of procedure involves providing a filling that best matches your tooth to deliver a smooth and natural look, while at the same time treating any cavities or other damages. At Innovative Dental, we use the latest dental technology called SonicFill™ in order to provide you with these natural-looking cosmetic fillings.

Benefits of SonicFill™ Fillings

How SonicFill™ Works

If you are interested in SonicFill™ fillings, you may be wondering how it works. SonicFill™ is a very easy to use and efficient dental instrument. When using this latest dental technology, your dentist will have the SonicFill™ tool filled with the composite material. Then, they will fill your cavity in one step and shape the composite to your tooth. Next, your dental provider will using a curing light system to transform the material into a durable and effective product.

Latest Dental Technology with Innovative Dental

The SonicFill™ tool at Innovative Dental provides higher quality fillings without bubbles or gaps. This device uses vibrations to thoroughly fill cavities without voids, improving the long-term health of your teeth, while also minimizing time spent in the office. You can experience our innovative difference, even if all you need are fillings! Contact our office today to set up a consultation with one of our dentists.