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Dental Concerns

Patients experience a variety of dental concerns and problems and seek treatment from our experienced team. Below is a list of some of the more common issues, however we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific case.Our compassionate and knowledgeable team is trained in a wide range of advanced dental techniques and treatments that are designed to help restore your comfort and confidence.


In the dental world, we often use the term “malocclusion” or “misalignment” to refer to crooked teeth. Misalignment or poorly spaced teeth can cause problems such as TMJ, decay (cavities), excessive wear and chipping of teeth, and many other problems that can cost you money down the road. Properly aligned teeth can save you the expense of costly dental procedures, and give you the confident smile you deserve. Invisalign® is a popular and effective solution that can correct crooked teeth and help improve bite misalignment.


The process of straightening teeth doesn’t have to be painful and it doesn’t have to take years to complete. Innovative Dental can tailor your Invisalign® experience to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Our Accelerated Invisalign® process:

  • Cuts treatment time by up to 70%
  • Reduces the number of necessary office visits
  • Reduces discomfort

Still wondering if Invisalign® is right for you? Learn more about Accelerated Invisalign®.



  • Clear trays and tooth-colored attachments make the process virtually invisible
  • Trays are removable, making eating, brushing, and flossing simple
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Less office visits required

Innovative Dental is proud to offer Invisalign First® and Invisalign Teen®, so that even our youngest patients can experience the benefits of Invisalign®.

Traditional Orthodontics

  • Hands-off treatment
  • Sometimes better for very complex movements
  • No trays to remove and put back in. (sometimes better for younger, less responsible patients)

Read more about our Traditional Braces process.


Are you self-conscious about of your smile because of missing teeth? Do you have trouble chewing, or even speaking? You should never ignore a missing tooth. It can cause serious problems and impact the rest of your smile in a dramatic way. Innovative Dental offers numerous treatments that can help replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. They are a permanent solution that preserves your bite and looks just like your natural teeth. Dr. Grant Olson has placed hundreds of dental implants and continues to refine his skill and study the latest techniques.

At Innovative Dental, we take the guesswork out of this process by using an advanced surgical guide, making placement predictable, precise, and painless. Watch as Dr. Olson explains why he uses the fully guided implant process.

For patients missing multiple teeth, implant technology can be combined with full-arch prosthetics to provide a permanent solution. Learn more about Full Mouth Rehabilitation using implants.

Cerec Bridges

Another treatment option for missing teeth is dental bridges. At Innovative Dental, our doctors use zirconia – a durable, non-metallic material that more closely resembles the natural color of teeth, giving you a beautiful result! We are one of the only practices in the area to offer the convenience of making these bridges right in our office.

Not sure what the best solution is for your missing teeth? Schedule your complimentary consultation today!


Coffee, tea, and wine can also cause unattractive stains, but we certainly aren’t going to suggest that you give them up! At Innovative Dental, we offer whitening options to help your smile shine bright while still enjoying your favorite beverages!

When dealing with stained teeth, it is important to know that at home bleaching kits can only remove surface stains that have not penetrated the enamel. When addressing surface stains, our at-home Zoom!® teeth whitening kits can help you brighten your smile at your own convenience. It’s important to make sure that your teeth are free of decay or other problems before whitening in order to minimize sensitivity. For this reason, we offer whitening kits only to patients who are up to date on their exams and x-rays.

When stains have reached below the enamel, sometimes a more advanced technique is necessary. In this case, cosmetic veneers may be a good option. Porcelain veneers don’t easily stain and can provide a white smile for years to come.

Interested in cosmetic veneers? Call today to schedule your complimentary cosmetic consultation!


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Teeth wear naturally as we age. Grinding, clenching, misalignment, and other dental issues can cause teeth to wear prematurely. When teeth are worn down, not only does it affect the look of your smile, but problems such as sensitivity and chewing discomfort can occur.

If you are concerned about tooth wear, the team at Innovative Dental is here to help! Options such as Invisalign®, crowns, and veneers can rejuvenate your smile, make you look years younger and help to prevent future damage. Contact Us to Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today!


Dental anxiety is probably the top reason people avoid the dentist. However, small dental problems can quickly escalate into larger and more costly issues when regular dental exams and cleanings are avoided. At Innovative Dental, we understand that the dentist’s office can be an intimidating place and we have made every effort to change the way you view dental care. In addition to creating a welcoming office environment, we have also invested in dental technology designed to help make the patient experience as smooth, relaxing, and pain-free as possible.

Meet Dexter, our therapy dog! Dr. Olson’s dog Dexter has taken pet therapy classes and comes to the office every day. He hangs out in the back office with some of his favorites.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common concern that can lead to a range of issues, including an increased risk of cracks, chips, and premature tooth wear. Our dentists can conduct a thorough examination of your bite and the condition of your teeth in order to determine what action should be taken to protect your dentition. Common therapies include custom-made night guards and/or orthodontic interventions, which can help realign the bite and prevent further grinding.


Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can vary in terms of cause and severity, so it must be addressed on a case by case basis. If it is determined that the tooth pain is being caused by infection or decay, either a filling or root canal therapy will likely be recommended. Fillings are designed to address decay that has created holes—or cavities—in the tooth structure. Root canal therapy enables our dentists to gain access to the inner nerve chamber of the tooth in order to remove infected tissue and bacteria. Both procedures can usually be performed in one visit, and many patients report experiencing immediate relief once the infected tissue has been cleaned. 

Other possible causes of tooth pain include abscesses (pus-filled pockets that can occur within an infected tooth or along the gums or bone tissue), broken teeth, exposed nerves or dentin (the interior part of the tooth that is normally protected by the enamel), repetitive tooth grinding, and more. Our experienced team can help figure out what is causing your tooth pain and recommend the most appropriate treatment for resolving the issue efficiently and effectively.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be caused by a variety of factors that are not limited to dental concerns. However, many patients experience jaw pain as a result of tooth or bite issues, such as misalignment or bruxism. In these cases, your dentist can often be an excellent resource. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (commonly called TMJ Disorder or TMD)  is a multifactorial condition that can lead to an array of symptoms, including jaw pain, headaches, tooth wear, and more. Our dentists have extensive familiarity with oral structures, and they are often in a unique position to help identify and provide relief for TMJ-related pain.


Headaches can sometimes be caused by an underlying dental issue, such as chronic toothaches, jaw pain, and/or teeth grinding. For those experiencing persistent headaches—with or without accompanying tooth pain—a visit to the dentist could benefit you and potentially help you find some relief.