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Dental Implants Restore Severely Decayed Smile

In this video, Dr. Olson reviews the case of a patient with severely decayed teeth. He had a significant amount of infection that would require extensive tooth extraction, and he had been told he would need dentures. Instead, the patient came to Innovative Dental and was able to replace his entire upper dental arch using a custom set of teeth affixed to six dental implants. Not only did this improve his oral health, but it also enabled him to feel more confident while smiling.

Dr. Olson and his team at Innovative Dental emphasize the numerous benefits of implant-supported dentures over traditional dentures, including enhanced health and wellness outcomes. Implant restorations stimulate the jawbone, preventing tissue loss and helping maintain facial structures. Implant-anchored dentures also enable patients to eat a wider variety of foods—such as fruits, vegetables, and lead proteins—which supports better nutrition. One of Dr. Olson’s favorite aspects of implant smile makeovers is the enhanced confidence his patients exhibit, smiling proudly instead of trying to hide their failing teeth.

To learn more about how full arches of significantly decayed or damaged teeth can be replaced with beautiful, natural-looking dental implant restorations, watch the full video, or contact Innovative Dental to schedule your appointment.