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How to Get the Best Dental Implant Smile in One Day

For individuals with missing teeth or a deteriorating smile—especially those who have been told they will most likely need dentures—dental implants and implant-supported dentures can be life-changing solutions. In addition to a beautiful smile, dental implant restorations can correct impairments caused by missing or broken teeth, such as difficulties with speaking and chewing, while also promoting long-term health. At Innovative Dental, our team of experienced dentists can often help dramatically restore a patient’s smile with dental implants in a single day. 

From tooth decay and advanced periodontal disease to crumbling and fractured teeth, many patients find themselves stuck in a “dental cycle” of quick fixes and expensive repairs. Dr. Grant Olson and the team at Innovative Dental are here to help people break the cycle by giving them beautiful, healthy, long-lasting implant smiles.

One of our most recent smile transformation patients had multiple missing teeth in the back of her mouth with worn-down teeth at the front. In just a few hours, she received a brand new smile complete with 14 implants and a full set of permanently-fixed zirconia teeth. Similar to this patient, you can follow a few easy steps to start the process towards a new dental implant smile:

The team at Innovative Dental are leaders in the field of dentistry with a premier center for comprehensive and affordable dental care. Patient safety and satisfaction are always our top priorities. For a firsthand look at how implant-supported dentures can transform your smile like it did for our spotlight patient, view the video below! 

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