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Izzy’s Smile Story – Before-and-After Treatment with Adult Braces

Meet Izzy, an orthodontic patient of Dr. Megan Westrich—one of the devoted dentists at Innovative Dental of Springfield. As he explains in our new video, Izzy has been self-conscious about his smile since childhood. “Other kids used to call me ‘Shark Boy’,” Izzy recounts, referring to his noticeable overbite. This fed his insecurity so much that he was hesitant to smile, even into adulthood.

Encouraged by his wife, Izzy finally consulted Dr. Megan, who decided traditional orthodontics was the best route. Izzy trusted Dr. Megan right away, and even looked forward to going in for appointments so the team could see how well he was progressing. Slowly, he began to smile in pictures—and looked awesome, braces and all!

Innovative Dental’s team is full of creative, dedicated professionals. Our greatest satisfaction comes from watching our patients delight in the results of their treatment. As with Dr. Megan and Izzy, we will be on your side throughout your entire smile journey. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Megan, Dr. Jordan, or Dr. Olson today.