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Broken Dental Implant (Summary)

Grant Olson, DDS—an experienced cosmetic dentist and the director of Innovative Dental of Springfield—shares the story of a patient who came to him with a broken dental implant. Although they are a rare occurrence, broken dental implants can be a serious problem.

Dr. Olson explains that the patient’s implant had not been placed deeply enough and was being supported by the gums rather than the bone. Furthermore, another implant with a zirconia crown had been placed on the tooth directly above the broken implant. This zirconia crown on the upper arch ended up colliding with the implant on the lower arch over time, ultimately causing the bottom implant to break. Dr. Olson notes that zirconia is often not an ideal material for dental restorations.

Fortunately, Dr. Olson was able to address his patient’s broken implant using 3D guided implant dentistry. He also gave him a comprehensive smile makeover using a range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques. Dr. Olson believes that surgically guided implants should be the standard for every dentist and dental surgeon, as they provide increased precision, enhanced durability, and can reduce the likelihood of implant failure.

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