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What Is an Innovative Implant Smile?

An Innovative Implant Smile is an advanced procedure developed by Dr. Grant Olson and the team at Innovative Dental of Springfield. This approach uses dental implants and implant-supported dentures to dramatically restore a patient’s smile in just a few hours, helping prevent the need for traditional dentures. Implant restorations have a number of long-term benefits over removable dentures, including preserving jawbone density, allowing patients to eat a more varied diet, and granting greater comfort, convenience, and confidence for many patients.

To begin the Innovative Implant Smile process, patients come into the spa-like Innovative Dental office, where 3D imaging technology is used to scan their teeth, facial structures, and the underlying bone. This noninvasive imaging process allows Dr. Olson and his team to create a custom treatment plan for placing the dental implants with optimal stability and durability in mind. Patients can also provide feedback in terms of what they want their new smile to look like, including the shape, shade, and opacity of their new teeth.

Patients then return for their smile restoration appointment. Any remaining damaged teeth are extracted and the mouth is prepared. Then, our team places the implants according to the existing treatment plan. Once the implants have been placed, a temporary overdenture is securely affixed so that patients never have to go without teeth during the treatment process.

Traditional implant treatment often requires months of planning and waiting, but the Innovative Implant Smile process is different. Our team understands how distressing it can be to live with a damaged, worn, or otherwise compromised smile, so we do everything in our power to help patients achieve quick relief.

Whether you currently wear dentures or are in need of partial or full-arch replacement, contact Innovative Dental today to learn more about how we can transform your smile.