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Full Mouth Smile Transformation in One Day

Dr. Grant Olson of Innovative Dental—a Springfield, MO-based cosmetic dentist—offers same-day full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeover services for patients from all over the world. In this video, he details how he helped a patient with severely worn dentition completely rebuild his smile in a single office visit.

The patient arrived at Innovative Dental with teeth that had been worn down by years of bruxism (teeth grinding). Dr. Olson began by rebuilding the length and structure of the individual teeth using composite resin, restoring proper bite function. 3D images were then taken of the patient’s mouth so that Dr. Olson could begin creating custom dental crowns and porcelain veneers using advanced CEREC® 3D imaging and milling technology. Innovative Dental has nine milling machines on site, allowing for the creation of up to 28 tooth restorations in just a few hours. This allows us to perform same-day smile transformations for our patients.

Once the patient’s bite had been corrected and his smile had been beautifully rejuvenated using crowns and veneers, Dr. Olson created a custom night guard for him. By wearing this night guard when he sleeps, the patient can now protect his newly restored smile from being worn down by teeth grinding.

To learn more about single-visit smile restorations, please contact us today. We also encourage you to check out the full video to learn more about Dr. Olson’s approach to restoring worn teeth with beautiful, natural-looking results.