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Why Does Innovative Dental Use Fluoride?

You’ve probably heard the word fluoride when you’re getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. You know that it’s good for your teeth and that it helps your overall dental health. But what exactly is it, and why do dentists always use it? Innovative Dental has the answers for you. Read on to learn all about fluoride and what it’s specifically used for.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in the Earth’s crust and it can also be synthesized in a lab. It’s the 13th most abundant element on Earth and is an ion from the element fluorine. You can find fluoride in soil and seawater, but there are also extremely low concentrations of fluoride in drinking water and various foods. Synthesized fluoride is what is primarily used in fluoride toothpaste, and that’s what dentists use when cleaning your teeth. This synthesized fluoride is also what is typically added to drinking water.

What Does it Do?

Fluoride’s primary use is to prevent cavities, especially in children. Fluoride is able to harden and strengthen enamel so that teeth are further protected from cavities. Having strong enamel is important for both children and adults, and that’s why we use fluoride here at Innovative Dental. Not only does having strong enamel help prevent cavities, it helps to prevent tooth decay. The process through which fluoride is absorbed and by which it strengthens your enamel is called remineralization.

Should I Be Using Fluoride?

Chances are you are already getting plenty of fluoride. Usually, fluoride is present in your drinking water and toothpaste. Drinking a healthy amount of water and sticking to your daily dental routine will ensure that your fluoride intake is sufficient. This is especially important for children, so make sure they’re getting their dental check-ups every 6 months and that they’re sticking to a twice daily dental routine.

Make an Appointment with Innovative Dental

Innovative Dental will make sure your teeth are happy and healthy. We do general and family dentistry here at Innovative Dental, so make sure you schedule your bi-annual cleaning. Having your teeth cleaned every 6 months gives you the best chance of avoiding cavities and lets us check up on your ongoing dental health. Innovative Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental services such as orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry services. For more information contact us today or view the Innovative Dental website. We look forward to serving all your dental needs.