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How To Choose the Right Dentist For Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Grant Olson, a cosmetic dentist and the owner of Innovative Dental of Springfield, discusses two cases where he has helped patients achieve a complete smile transformation.

In the first case, a patient came to Innovative Dental with worn-down teeth that were otherwise healthy and had good supporting structures still in place. Dr. Olson and his team decided that the best course of action was for this patient to retain his natural teeth, so they used porcelain veneers and crowns in order to help rebuild his worn dentition. The end result was an enhanced smile aesthetic that left the patient feeling more confident about showing his teeth.

In the second case, a patient came to Dr. Olson with significantly decayed and damaged teeth, with several teeth already missing. After consulting with the patient, the remaining teeth were extracted and an implant-supported denture prosthetic was placed. This allowed the patient to achieve a dramatic smile restoration that looks and feels natural, durable, and beautiful.

Dr. Olson notes that it is important for those seeking comprehensive smile rejuvenation to find the right dentist for their needs. Innovative Dental offers a variety of different cosmetic and restorative techniques, which allows them to cater treatment suggestions to each patient’s individual needs. Whether you choose to travel for your dental procedures or stay local, he recommends finding a dentist that makes you feel comfortable and confident at every stage.

To learn more about full mouth rehabilitation or to hear more of Dr. Olson’s advice regarding choosing a dentist, check out the video below. To schedule a consultation with the Innovative Dental team, please contact us today!