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Emergency Cosmetic Dentistry – Implant, Veneers, & Crown

Eva is an amazing person from New York City who made the choice to travel to Innovative Dental in Springfield, Missouri after she experienced a terrible car accident that left her smile terribly damaged. Feeling discouraged after countless phone calls and visits to local New York dentists, she stumbled across one of Dr. O’s YouTube videos and was encouraged that we could restore her once beautiful smile. After much research on cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry from Innovative Dental of Springfield, Eva took the bold step and decided to give our team a call.

Our team is incredible at answering our patient’s concern and questions when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Eva gained confidence with her first conversation with our office and we were able to schedule a virtual consultation where Dr. O got to meet Eva and discuss her smile. We discussed a bridge and an implant as an option, with the preference towards the implant for long term health. Eva also liked the idea of saving as much tooth structure as possible with dental veneers rather than crowns. The virtual consultation left Eva excited about the possible trip to Springfield, MO to correct the damage from this crazy accident.

After a financial consultation, Eva decided to trust Dr. O and the team with her smile. Our team organized the trip to Springfield to be as simple as possible. Once she arrived, we took proper 3D xrays and impressions to plan for the implant process and placement. She came in the very next day to have the treatment performed all in a single visit. After the patient was made completely comfortable, the fractured/broken tooth was extracted and the implant was placed. A few teeth on either side that were chipped badly from the accident were prepared for dental veneers. Dr. O used the 3D CEREC Intraoral Scanner to image the teeth and then designed her smile transformation in the software. Upon careful planning with the smile design, the veneers were milled and the implant abutment and crown were created to restore her smile within a few short hours.

As you can see in this video, our team, technology, and techniques make modern cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry an amazingly predictable solution to complex problem. We would be honored to have the opportunity to transform your smile here at Innovative Dental of Springfield, MO just like we did for Eva. If you would like to discuss your smile with our team, give us a call at 417-708-5925 or visit us at YourSmileDestination.com

If you could benefit from a dental implant, a smile transformation, or you just find smiles cool, then you won’t want to miss this one. I can’t wait for you to meet Eva and for you to hear of her search for someone to repair her smile after it was damaged from a terrible accident. You will get to hear from her and see how we were able to complete her smile with some amazing technology in a one visit!

It is worth noting that our 3D Imaging, Computer Designing, and Milling technology allows us to perform partial crowns, inlays, onlays with a much easier work flow since we are able to restore the tooth in a single visit. For those dentists taking traditional goopy impressions, this is not nearly as easy to restore because it requires multiple visits and temporaries so therefore, many if not most don’t recommend or offer partial crowns, inlays, onlays.

Dr. O and the Innovative Dental team love helping patients with their smile by offering Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants!

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