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The right adhesive for your dentures can make all the difference when it comes to comfort. With so many different adhesives for dentures available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which adhesive is the right one for you. The team at Innovative Dental wants to make sure you have the knowledge and understanding you need to find the right denture adhesive. We have determined three of the most important denture adhesive qualities. […]

At Innovative Dental, we care about your teeth. Our job is to ensure that you have the proper information and skills to ensure that you have the best in oral health. As dentists, our primary focus at Innovative Dental is caring about your teeth. Did you know that adults have four to five different types of teeth? Learn more about each type of tooth and its function below. The Four Types of Teeth Incisors Incisors […]

You’ve probably heard the word fluoride when you’re getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. You know that it’s good for your teeth and that it helps your overall dental health. But what exactly is it, and why do dentists always use it? Innovative Dental has the answers for you. Read on to learn all about fluoride and what it’s specifically used for. What is Fluoride? Fluoride is a natural mineral found in the Earth’s […]

If you have children, then you are probably extremely familiar with the process of teething. If your children are a bit older, you may be onto the next stage where you child is now losing their baby teeth and gaining the permanent set they will have for the rest of their lives. The family dentistry experts at Innovative Dental know that dealing with teething and baby teeth can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t […]

We are thrilled to officially announce our new Innovative Smiles Within Reach program for patients traveling from out of town! As part of this unique offering, Dr. Grant Olson and Dr. Megan Westrich may be able to help you achieve a beautiful, revitalized smile in a single treatment visit lasting only three to four hours. Check out how the same-day smile program works below. Step 1: Diagnostic Visit With our Solo and Couples/Friendly-Support packages, you […]

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