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Tracy’s Smile Transformation with Invisalign® and Cosmetic Veneers

Innovative Dental provides insight into one of our dental success stories in a video entry focused on a patient named Tracy. The video details Tracy’s backstory and how she was not able to receive ideal dental care as a child, which led to a variety of issues later in her life. However, the team at Innovative Dental was able to restore her confidence and transform her smile into one she is now proud of as an adult.

Tracy notes how our team at Innovative Dental treated her with compassion and understanding, explaining that they did not condemn her for the state of her teeth. Instead, they focused on providing personalized solutions to help her obtain a healthy, beautiful smile. Tracy originally came to our practice to address a discolored front tooth. However, after discussing Tracy’s goals, our cosmetic dentist, Grant Olson, DDS, suggested that Tracy undergo a full smile makeover instead of only addressing the single tooth. In order to help give Tracy her dream smile, Invisalign® was used to correct her bite and straighten her teeth. Six new porcelain veneers were then placed on the top row of her smile to complete the transformation.

Tracy had this to say about her experience: “I came in that morning with this smile I didn’t want to look at and left a few hours later with the veneers and just being very happy with how it looked.”

If you are interested in a total smile transformation or would like to learn more about the cosmetic dentistry options offered at Innovative Dental, contact us today and schedule a consultation! Watch the complete video below to learn about Tracy’s full smile makeover story.